Listen in to hear about recent developments in the world of Technology. In this episode of Industry 4.0, we cover a nice variety of subjects including the Ethereum market, a giant production bug in the OnePlus 5, hacking Hoverboards, building a better artificial mind, saving SoundCloud, Pay to Play News on Facebook, and the future of Bluetooth.


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  • Happy birthday, Ervin!
  • Steep decline in cryptocurrency market has miners dumping their GPUs on Ebay
  • Some OnePlus 5 units reboot when dialing 911
  • Hackers can take control of your Segway hoverboard
  • DeepMind’s founder says to build better computer brains, we need to look at our own



  • SoundCloud says it’s ‘here to stay’ amid rumors it’s running out of cash
  • Facebook: Pay to Play Stories
  • Bluetooth is getting a big upgrade to make it better for smart homes




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