Ep. 43 - Riri vs Spiegel

Episode 43

19-Mar-2018/ Webcast


Matt Slavin, Ervin Lukacs, Ryan Thompson


First Half

  1. https://news.sky.com/story/scientist-stephen-hawking-has-died-aged-76-11289119
  • Stephen Hawking passes away at age 76


  • Racist advertising not necessarily the problem of the platform, but about the vetting of the ad platform hosted by the site.
  • Second time stocks took a hit after a celebrity comment.


  • 50 million facebook profiles breached in order to mass farm political data, allegedly used to build predictive targeting software used in recent elections
  • Whistleblower was Christopher Wylie
  • Through an app called ‘thisisyourdigitallife’ and an exploit to harvest the entire friends list of anyone using the app
  • FB privately accepted Chris’ help, then publically banned him

AMD Flaws


  1. Crypto-markets take a hit


  • Uber halts autonomous driving program after fatal accident



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